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5 steps to find the Perfect Wedding Dress

The most important thing is to Understand your body shape as you start this journey to find The Perfect Dress for The Perfect Day:

What area of your body do you not want to focus or emphasise?

  1. Hips
  2. Bust
  3. Waist
  4. Arms

If you answered 1:    Your wedding dress ideally should have a skirt that gradually flares out from the natural waist to the floor, this highlights the narrowness of your waist and floating away from the waist down.

For 2: Your wedding dress needs to have a bodice that opens up the neckline, such as a Vneck or scooped neckline.

For 3: A Wedding dress with an empire-line, which has a seam directly under the bust, will take the focus away from your waist, giving you a leaner look. 

For 4: I am sure you already know sleeves are the way to go, however having sleeves doesn’t mean you can’t still have some sex appeal. Think about a sleeve that is off the shoulder.  With your shoulders exposed it will draw eyes to your shoulders and take the eyes away from the rest of your arm.


Time to show off your best feature, which is:
  • Bust
  • Bottom
  • Hips
  • Waist

To highlight your bust: You should look for a bodice that has texture such as lace, embroidery or beading detail. This will fit snugly, drawing the eye to your bust.

 To highlight your waist: A Wedding Dress that cinches in at the waist will give you a great line and highlight your waist. A trumpet or mermaid style will be ideal to show off your waist.

 To highlight your Hips and Bottom: your wedding dress should be tight fitting over the hip.Wearing a mermaid style where it narrows under the hips and bottom before falling into fullness will emphasise your hips.


Are you Short in the body or long?

If you are long in the Body: choose a style with a waist seam which will make your body appear shorter or wear a belt with a dress which will break up your waist.

If you are short in the Body: The best style will be a dress with a drop waist which will give you length.


Do you have long legs or short legs?

For long Legs: A dress with a dropped waist will shorten the look of your legs.  Also steer away from a dress that has too long a train as it will add more length to your legs.

For Short Legs: Choose a dress that has a waist seam or an empire line which will make your legs look longer flowing straight down from the waist. 


Do you have broad shoulders or narrow shoulders?

 If you have Narrow Shoulders:  A strapless Wedding Dress or dress with thin straps will open your shoulders up and balance your shoulders with your bust line.

If you have Wide Shoulders: A dress with shaped straps will break up your shoulder line. A halterneck dress will also draw the eye away from the shoulders.


CONGRATULATIONS! you have pinpointed your best features and the features you would like to hide. It is now time to find the perfect dress for your perfect day -  Book a free Bridal Style Session to find out what dress style is perfect for you.


Joanne Hasson

Bridal & Evening Designer